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Is HVAC Preventive Maintenance REALLY  Worth It?

We are often asked, "Is preventative maintenance for my HVAC system really worth it?" Well, the answer to that question depends on you, the homeowner. We do preventative maintenance on everything we own; our cars, our homes, our animals and ourselves. We change the oil in our cars to prevent engine damage; we trim the shrubs to maintain the siding on our homes; we take our animals to the vet to get vaccinations; and we exercise to maintain healthy lifestyle. So why have a Perfect Temp HVAC expert perform preventive maintenance on your HVAC system? Well, we will examine some reasons some decide to defer HVAC preventive maintenance and explanations to "Is preventive maintenance really worth it?"

"I'll just wait until something happens!" That sounds like a lot of us! But let's look at this, when do things we put off always happen, when we least need them to. So, when will your HVAC system fail, when we have family/friends over for the holidays or worse when the temperature reaches 20 degrees or lower! When you perform preventative maintenance on your system, the chance of your HVAC system failing at the worst opportune time reduces dramatically. When you call Perfect Temp HVAC, you will have a qualified HVAC technician complete a thorough inspection of your HVAC system to help ensure your system is operating at all times!

"I'll save money by waiting until something breaks!" Sure, you will save some money right now, but let's compare some problems that would have been eliminated during a preventative maintenance check vs waiting until it’s a problem. One example is a dirty filter which will result in a dirty coil. The combination of these two can shut your system completely down leaving you cold in the middle of the night. During your preventive maintenance, these two things would have been noticed and corrected for free! Another example are clogged drain lines. This can cause major damage to your system and home. Most people are unaware that some furnaces require drainage, resulting in major water damage is those lines are clogged. But that would be taken care during your preventative maintenance! And let us tell you, the cost of these problems is the same as a preventative maintenance plan!

So, as you can see, preventative maintenance is REALLY worth it! You not only safe your HVAC system for longer life in the future, but you will save on your power bills as well! That’s right, regularly maintained HVAC systems save between 15% to 20% in annual energy costs. Save time, stay warm and save money with a Perfect Temp HVAC preventive maintenance plan today!


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